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How to align the chakras

Within the Eastern medicine the body is considered to contain 7 chakras or energetic points, that is to say, zones of the body that concen...

How to align the chakras

Within the Eastern medicine the body is considered to contain 7 chakras or energetic points, that is to say, zones of the body that concentrate a greater part of our energy and that serve as connectors to other chakras thus obtaining an energetic and harmonic connection for all our body. But when one of these points do not work correctly is when we talk about imbalance and your whole body will be affected by this energy failure.

That is when we can go to different centers of therapies to try to heal this situation, reduce the discomfort we feel (both physical and emotional) and can enjoy a peaceful and peaceful life again. In this article on How we will tell you how to align the chakras in order to restore the flow of energy through your body and reduce any condition you are currently living.

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Before we start talking about alignment it is important that we understand the concept of basic: what are the chakras . It is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel of light” or “wheel of energy” and refers to the connections between the body and mind through different energy centers (chakras). In the body we have 7 chakras that are connected between themselves by different energetic flows within your being and therefore, you can be considered as the ones in charge of regulating the different parts of the body and its connection with the universe.

We have to think that within the Oriental medicine, the human body is considered as a “whole” in which the mind (energy) and the body (matter) are interrelated, that is, the one involves the other and vice versa. But, in addition, it is considered that, being partly energy, we are also related to the environment : nature, the earth, the cosmosand so on. Therefore, a human being can not be treated independently, but within it, all kinds of energy flow and in order to heal ourselves, we must balance it both internally (ourselves) and externally (with the universe).

How to align the chakras 2

We have just explained what we mean when we talk about chakras, but now it is important to know them and know where they are in our body:

First chakra ( Muladhara Chakra )

It is located in the perineum in the area that we have between the genitals and the anus. It blocks when we feel afraid but if it works well it helps us to mature, to grow and to make good decisions.

Second Chakra ( Svadhisthana Chakra )

Located at the base of the spine, in the lumbar area, ie between the navel and the pubis bone. It blocks with guilt but when it works well we feel able to overcome any problem and act in an integral way.

Third Chakra ( Manipura Chakra )

It is above the navel and is the one that gives us the possibility to improve, to grow as people and to transform ourselves. It blocks with shame.

Fourth Chakra ( Anahata Chakra )

It is the one who is right behind the heart and allows us to move forward, communicate with others, be able to establish good relationships (family, friendship or partner). It blocks with pain and sadness.

Fifth Chakra (Vissudha Chakra)

It is behind the throat and helps to promote creativity and also to be able to express ourselves freely and therefore, to understand us better. It is blocked by lies or self-delusions.

Sixth Chakra (Ajna Chakra)

It is located on the forehead and is what is known as “third eye”. It is the chakra that unites us with divine spirituality, the cosmos and space. It is blocked by individualism and selfishness.

Seventh Chakra (Sahasrara Chakra)

It is located on the crown, behind the headand is the one that is linked to the infinite, to the eternity of the mind (energy) that I do not understand time or space. It is blocked by the feeling of attachment to the world.

How to align the chakras 3

Any imbalance that takes place in any of these chakras can cause an affection, discomfort or altered situation of your way of being in the world because the energy does not flow through your body staying stagnant and preventing a correct functioning. It is then that they become unbalanced and we have to try to balance them again to feel good again; there are different ways to align the chakras and one of them is by using the mantras .

The mantras are some sounds that we broadcast ourselves with prayers that are specially designed to calm the mind and to meditate. There are different types of mantras but in a similar way we will propose you one that will help you to unlock your energy points and to return to flow normally:

  • Relax sitting on the floor, with your back straight, your legs placed one on top of the other and squinting.
  • Now, focus your attention on the chakra you want to heal by keeping the mind’s attention at this point in the body.
  • Once you are ready, you will have to begin to utter the mantra aloud and then lower the pitch and continue the mantra quietly.
  • There are different types of mantras such as “Lam”, “Om”, “Yahm”, “Ram”, and so on. The idea is to extend the last letter to the maximum to be able to emit the vibrational sounds that are needed (for example, “Lammmmmmmmmmmmmmm”).
  • Continue to emit the mantra by visualizing the chakra to be treated, then, when fully concentrated, you must rotate a spiral of light in a clockwise direction.
  • When you are better, stop turning the whirlwind and find out if there is another channel that you should try.

In a How do we tell you what a mantra is and how it is used.

How to align the chakras 4

Another way to align the chakras is through meditation . With this practice you can quiet your thoughts and connect with your inner “self” that, at the same time, is the “I” connected with the rest of the world. When we meditate we are able to calm our mind and with it, relax our body and achieve a feeling of peace, pleasure and absolute well-being.

There are many types of meditation but if you want to balance your inner energy you will have to try to induce a meditative state centered in the 7 chakras and with the power of the mind, unblock them and interconnect them again so that energy flows. This meditation should last about 30 minutesand at the beginning of the session you should try to relax the mind, something very difficult to achieve.

How to align the chakras 5

The use of gems is also a good way to balance the chakras as these stones come from nature and as part of the Earth, also contain energy that can help us fill the chakra with more strength and vitality because, as already we have commented, the human being is part of the world just as the stones are.

If you want to recover the correct functioning of your body you must place the gem on top of the chakra and thus do a meditation like the one we have indicated in the previous point and that aims to clean your energy and regain balance again. If you find it more inspiring you can put some relaxing music and incense that will help create a perfect climate for meditation.

How to align the chakras 6

Another method to be able to align the chakras and that is widely used by the oriental cultures is yoga . With this exercise not only is it possible to strengthen the body and have it in optimum conditions but it requires a deep meditation that is the one that will allow you to be for a long time practicing the asanas without feeling discomfort. By means of the different postures it is intended that the mind leave the body in a deep meditative state and therefore, an intense connection with the cosmos is obtained.

Whenever you perform yoga you will see how the session begins with a session of relaxation where it is induced to meditation and in which, many times, also pronounce some mantras. Then, they start with the different asanas that are designed to balance the energy of the body and thus be interconnected with the world around us.

How to align the chakras 7

Within the natural therapies there are different practices aimed at aligning the chakras and one of the most suitable is Reiki . It is a treatment in which the teacher will place his hands on the different energetic points of your body, without touching, to get energy flow from the cosmos to your chakra and thus heal it, unblock it and allow a smooth flow .

People who become Reiki masters perform a deep training that allows them to be in connection with the universe and therefore use their hands as an energetic channel to dump it on the patient they have to deal with. Depending on your state of health, the therapist will need different sessions to be able to heal completely.

In a way, we discover the benefits of Reiki so you can understand how it can help you in your day to day life.

How to align the chakras

This article is for information only, in Green Health Tips we have no power to prescribe any medical treatment or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to go to a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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How to align the chakras
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