Fitness is a lifestyle choice, and the habits that you make help define your overall health and mental well-being. Whether your goal is to lose weight or just being healthy, creating goals is a great way to find success.

It is important to set your own goals that are right for you and stick with them. There are a variety of physical activities you can try, each of which can help shape your personal fitness regimen. The main thing is to keep with it, no matter your age or how you feel. Although it may not be easy, it is important to stay motivated and focus on your overall health and well-being.

- Benefits Of Drinking Pre-Workout Supplements : Whether you do it from home or at the gym, a physical workout is the best way to stay healthy. As your body builds stamina and becomes strong, you begin to enjoy health benefits, including a lower risk of developing lifestyle diseases and increased fitness. But this doesn’t come without a price. During workouts, the energy supplies in the body will drop pretty first. The need to replenish this energy to support workout goals has made pre-work supplements a common practice among fitness enthusiasts. Taken about an hour before the start of a ... [Read More]

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- burning calories for the remainder of the day? It’s a great way to kick start your metabolism. Are you hoping to boost your metabolism and create lean muscle? If your answer is yes, then Pilates is for you. You will learn body awareness and notice a difference from "before" to "after". Looking for an alternative strength training and yoga ? Keep reading to discover five amazingly simple Pilates exercises to do at home for beginners. The Mermaid Work out the sides of your body with this exercise. Sit like a mermaid with your legs folded to one side to begin. Put the opposite hand up and ... [Read More]

- If you’re a fan of push-ups, you’ve probably made your way down the list of variations . While there’s plenty of different options to choose from that’ll put your upper body strength to the test, one that’s often forgotten about just so happens to be an exercise that challenges you in an entirely new way. Side push-ups are a sneaky way to work your triceps—and, as Maxine Goynes of MG Method says, will make scrawny arms a thing of the past. That’s because when you’re lying on your side and pushing your body up and down with one arm, your tricep does a lot of the work. Since ... [Read More]

- Health and Wellness Get fit in 60 seconds with these quick tips from a personal trainer Stephanie Mansour Whether you're cooped up in your house and need to  break up the day with some movement  or are back in the swing of things and having a hard time squeezing in fitness, simple (and quick!) ways to get moving are key. Only have 60 seconds? Ready to get more bang for your buck with your workout? You're in luck. Here are a few one-minute tips to transform your fitness routine this fall. And bonus — changing up your fitness routine can help prevent  plateaus and boredom ! 1. Roll up and ... [Read More]


- ‘I’m a Physical Therapist, and This Is the Most Common Mistake People Make When Exercising’ Generally speaking, working out is good for your health. But as a physical therapist who works with sports-related injuries, Chad Beauchamp, DPT sees the other side of things: the consequences of what happens when workouts don’t go as planned, and lead to pain and injuries. The most common cause of the lifting injuries he sees? Going too hard when weight training . Dr. Beauchamp says that a lot of people who attempt super-challenging exercises for "the cool factor" wind up in his office. ... [Read More]

- Entrepreneurs face considerable mental and emotional challenges,  making decisions  every day that they hope will pay off for years to come.  So you probably know that  exercise helps you perform better under stress . Exercising at moderate intensity for 20 minutes  elevates your mood for up to 12 hours . Exercise  increases the production of a protein that supports  the function, growth, and survival of brain cells. And, exercise is one of the five daily habits a  30-year Harvard study shows can not only increase your lifespan by 12 to 14 years , but also cut your risk of ... [Read More]


- Tone Your Biceps and Triceps With These No Push-Up Arm Workouts ← Use Arrow Keys → Tone Your Biceps and Triceps With These No Push-Up Arm Workouts Arm day is my favorite. I love the feel of my biceps straining, my triceps burning, my arms getting stronger. But one thing I could definitely do without? Push-ups! Although this common exercise is known for its all-in-one ability to work the arms, shoulders, abs, back, and legs, push-ups are hard to do accurately — even on your knees — and are just not that much fun to do (sorry, not sorry). Whether its sweater season or tank-top weather, ... [Read More]


- When you don’t have access to gym equipment , you might not think you can get the strong muscles you see while scrolling through your Instagram feed. Especially when it comes to your back, as everyone seems to be achieving those gains from using expensive workout machines—not from doing at-home workouts. But here’s a little secret for you: You can build up just as much strength right in your living room, and you don’t need anything other than a resistance band . While resistance bands don’t look like much—they are made from latex or rubber, after all—they can challenge you with ... [Read More]

- How to Exercise Without it Feeling Like Exercise : The word exercise can be daunting. Maybe it brings to mind the gym and equipment you have no idea how to use. Or all those people out running and you don’t know how they keep going. When you decide to start exercising , it doesn’t have to entail a scary fitness regime. There are lots you can do to keep your body moving and have fun while you do it. Try Walking Walking seems to go under the radar as a form of exercise but it comes with so many health benefits. With it beginning to get colder outside the last thing you want to do is go for ... [Read More]

- 7 Benefits of Exercise (Other Than Weight-Loss) Motivation + inspiration to get moving for good In theory, most of us know that exercise is good for us. We’re aware that it can help us lose weight or maintain our current weight. But if you’ve ever struggled with the motivation to workout (*raises hand*) then you might need a reminder that although weight-loss is great – it’s not the only reason to exercise. Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site helps support our mission. We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services. Policy ... [Read More]

- Intermittent fasting , or IF, is a timed approach to eating with various periods of fasting and non-fasting, including the 16/8 or 5:2 methods. The former involves eating for 8 hours during the day — for example, 10 a.m.–6 p.m., and fasting the other 16 hours. The latter focuses on “normal” eating five days a week and  eating minimally  (500–600 calories or less) on the remaining two days. Proponents say it can help with  weight  loss by  supporting your metabolism to burn more calories at rest . There is also  some research  on how it can help manage diabetes, possibly due ... [Read More]