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- Work your abs, glutes, legs and hips with this one move Arching your back may make the move feel easier, but it makes it less effective. The scissor kick — also referred to as a flutter kick — is a move that works both the abs and lower body. ... [Read More]


- If you're reading this, thank yourself for at least being curious in the ways in which you can take some time to take care of yourself. When it comes to learning a new method of self-care (like yoga and breathwork ), being able to see yourself in ... [Read More]


- M oving better throughout your day is just as good of a reason to work out as wanting to feel stronger or reach a personal record. "[Having] proper postural alignment allows you to work more efficiently with less fatigue and strain on your body," ... [Read More]

- THURSDAY, June 17, 2021 (HealthDay News) -- More and more Americans are seeking out healthier, greener and more ethical alternatives to meat, but are plant-based alternatives like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat truly nutritious substitutes? ... [Read More]

- Need help nodding off? A handful of cherries could help. Getting enough sleep can benefit everything from to , but more than a third of Americans struggle to get the recommended seven (or more!) hours per night. To start catching up on those lost ZZZ's, try tweaking your diet. Getting more minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron on your plate can help kickstart the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep regulation. — like cherries, nuts, and oats — specifically contain sleep-promoting properties and get you off to dreamland sooner. When it's getting ... [Read More]

- There’s nothing like a case of the bloats to make you completely miserable. Whether it’s because you ate too much, you’re retaining water, your gut isn’t working as it should, or you’re PMS-ing, it’s hard to go about your day when you ... [Read More]


- Processed food conjures up images of giant, resource-guzzling factories – hardly good for the planet. But could processing actually help reduce food's carbon footprint? It's becoming increasingly difficult to ignore how our eating habits are ... [Read More]


- If you’re looking for a super healthy food, try this. Your blood pressure will love it. While dining out recently, a server described a dish as plant forward. I knew what he meant even though that phrase has no specific meaning. It sounds better ... [Read More]

- 8 high-protein, low-carb foods that dietitians recommend you add to your diet This article was medically reviewed by , MPH, RDN, CSO, a board-certified oncology dietitian at the Leonard Clinical Cancer Institute with Mission Hospital. Opting for a ... [Read More]


- Squelch your inner sugar monster by reaching for these better-for-you eats. Donuts and other sweets are common sources of added sugar. If you usually have a hankering for something sweet after meals, find it hard to pass up dessert, or rely on sugar-filled coffee drinks for an afternoon pick-me-up, you’re not alone. A study published in June 2017 in Appetite found that 86 percent of people who had food cravings thought about high-calorie foods — specifically, those containing chocolate . The good news: Reaching for healthy foods high in nutrients like protein and fiber can help stave off ... [Read More]

- There are so many reasons to add yoga to your daily routine: It could improve flexibility, aid digestion , promote better sleep , and support mental health , among other benefits. Not to mention, it's a type of exercise you can do just about ... [Read More]

- Following a plant-based diet and looking for a milk alternative? Here are the nutrition and benefits of soy milk and almond milk if you can't decide which one to choose. Plant-based milks are here to stay Nowadays, you have a veritable buffet of ... [Read More]

- Did you know that moringa leaves have health benefits? Moringa oleifera is a plant that has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. The Moringa plant is native to the African continent and Indian subcontinent. Its leaves are often ... [Read More]

- Wondering what you can use it for? Take a peek here, but be sure to speak to your doctor before trying. One of the most popular cooking herbs worldwide, oregano is a perennial herb with a strong taste and aroma. Available in both fresh and dried ... [Read More]

- Would you like to have a coffee? This is a common phrase we hear whenever we go out to meet a friend or family member. Because everyone loves to spend quality time with their loved one along with a cup of coffee, either it’s hot coffee on a snowy day or an iced coffee in summer; there is no doubt that a maximum number of people across the globe love drinking coffee. It embraces a high level of nutrients and antioxidants, along with caffeine as the main ingredient. Though coffee has a beneficial effect on the human body, the question always arises how much consumption of coffee is too much? ... [Read More]

- A dietitian weighs in on foods to lower your cortisol levels If you’re trying to lower your stress levels, you probably already know to start with the basics: self-care , sleep management, and exercise. But did you know there are some foods that lower stress levels, too? Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site helps support our mission. We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services. Policy Dietitian Courtney Barth, MS, RDN, LD, CPT, explains how certain foods can help reduce your levels of cortisol — the primary hormone responsible ... [Read More]

- The perfect weather conditions of summer produce make for the most delicious fruit. When picked at peak ripeness, you can enjoy its full flavors and nutritional benefits. You may have heard that fruit is full of sugar and not nutritious for you, but you shouldn't shy away from nature’s candy. Fruit is full of vitamins, minerals and fiber that can help decrease inflammation and give you lasting energy during the day for all your outdoor, summer activities. How to select How to utilize : Cut off both stem ends and place the flat end of the cantaloupe on a cutting board to peel with a knife. ... [Read More]

- Every once in a while, I'm introduced to a food that I've never heard of before. Most recently it was tiger nuts. Obviously, I assumed it was an actual nut – who wouldn't? But I was wrong; a tiger nut isn't in the nut family at all. It does though have stripes on its outer shell that resemble a tiger. So, there's that. What Are Tiger Nuts? Tiger nuts are actually tubers, vegetables that grow off the root of a plant underground, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes , Jerusalem artichokes, jicama and yams. They've been around for centuries, perhaps originating in Egypt, and are also known as ... [Read More]

- Jimmy Kimmel credits the plan to losing 25 pounds. Here's what you need to know. The popularity of intermittent fasting seems to only be picking up steam. It's not totally a surprise given the only rules, if you will, are about when you can eat, rather than what you can eat. The 5:2 diet is one of the many styles of intermittent that people are trying out for weight loss and overall health. While traditional diets tend to require calorie restriction around the clock, the 5:2 diet asks you to restrict for just two days a week. That means, during two consecutive days of the week, say, Monday ... [Read More]

- Not only does it taste better, but there are nutritional advantages, too. Have you ever eaten plain yogurt and thought that it tastes like sadness? That’s probably because it was of the low-fat variety ― or worse, nonfat. The fact of the matter is, plain yogurt made with whole milk tastes better. It has a richer mouthfeel and a creamier body that’s so much more enjoyable to spoon up. Not only that, it has nutritional advantages over low-fat yogurt. When it comes to plain (unflavored) yogurt, it’s important to know the main variations: The experts interviewed for this article told ... [Read More]