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- Stability balls: You know them, you’ve used them, you probably have one collecting dust in your basement right now. And though we’re sure you’ve mastered the art of the stability ball crunch, there’s so much more this multitasking beach ... [Read More]


- Is margarine or butter better for your heart? Butter. Yogurt butter. Olive-oil margarine. There’s no end to the variety of spreads available today. How do you know which ones are healthy for your heart? Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic ... [Read More]

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- People who want to learn how to play the piano will be disappointed by the thought that they need a long and tedious time to practice musical notes. The first thing you need to do is leave these negative thoughts behind and begin with an open mind when you are serious about learning to play the piano . You have to learn the music, but it does not have to be boring, and definitely, it does not have to be annoying forever before you learn to play on your own. Below some tips are given that will help you out to learn to play the piano. Begin practice with basics: Starting with the basics is an ... [Read More]

- When you started making fitness a part of your life, you probably noticed the benefits right away. You immediately started looking and feeling better, and your strength and endurance began increasing steadily. As time has gone on, however, you may ... [Read More]

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- Going gluten-free is a must if you have certain medical conditions – otherwise there’s no evidence that the diet is linked to any health benefits. Gluten-free food options are everywhere — from sandwich shops to local bakeries to supermarket ... [Read More]


- The 'greener' version of the Mediterranean diet may be even more efficient. In recent years, the Mediterranean diet has emerged as one of the healthier eating patterns out there. Now, a new study suggests that the ‘green’ Med diet (which features even more plant-based foods) may be even better for health than the traditional Mediterranean diet. It’s not exactly a diet in the strict sense — it’s rather a set of eating habits inspired by Mediterranean countries like Spain, Italy, or Greece. The diet can’t be strict because there’s no one single ‘Mediterranean’ way of eating ... [Read More]

- As Christmas descends, it's time to consider 'mindful drinking'. Learn how to get results out of managing your alcohol consumption... During the Coronavirus Pandemic —months of isolation and lockdowns —drink may have become your only escape ... [Read More]


- Stephen Dorff was looking for a challenge, both professionally and physically, when he got the script for Embattled . The mixed martial arts drama would require the veteran actor to get into the best shape of his life to portray a flashy Octagon ... [Read More]

- Published: 01-12-2020 I am an energetic and experienced yoga teacher with strong… How much do yoga teachers make? If you are thinking about a yoga career, or if you have completed a yoga certification and wonder if you should make the career ... [Read More]

- A low-fat, vegan diet could help with weight loss by speeding up metabolism and naturally reducing calorie intake, according to a new study. Researchers found that participants on the diet burned 14% more calories after meals, since the high-carb, ... [Read More]


- Sodium is a key electrolyte necessary to maintain normal cellular function. In particular, sodium plays an important role in regulating fluid balance along with nerve and muscle cell function. It’s consumed through food (typically table salt, a combination of sodium and chloride) and excreted through sweat and urine. However, when sodium levels are significantly elevated, it can be a risk factor for high blood pressure and heart disease . That’s why many doctors and dietitians recommend keeping an eye on sodium intake and reducing excess sodium consumed via overly processed foods that ... [Read More]

- Have you ever seen those individuals that never seem to lose their cool no matter how difficult the situation is? Ever wondered about their ability to keep so calm? You may be curious to know if they have particular skills or employ specific tactics to help them stay calm in difficult situations. Well, we all have the ability not to overreact when times get tough. And there are specific things that can help you calm down, stay calm, and relax during a crises or in difficult times. Let's look at some of them below. Tips to Stay Calm in Crisis 1. Do Some Exercise s For most people, exercises ... [Read More]

- These foods contain nutrients that will help keep your energy levels up. Ever since we turned the clocks back, I've been hearing from friends, family and clients that their energy level throughout the day hasn't been quite up to par. So, as any good nutritionist would do, I started to look into different foods that I could suggest they eat on a regular basis that perhaps could provide a little extra oomph to their day. The following 10 foods are what I discovered to provide a boost of energy: Coffee and/or tea. Eggs. Legumes. Salmon. Barley. Spinach. Raspberries. Banana. Pasta. Peas. [ 10 ... [Read More]

- People with heart failure who eat a diet high in foods that cause inflammation are twice as likely to end up in the hospital or die as those who eat foods known to reduce inflammation, new research shows. "If people with heart failure can reduce the amount of pro-inflammatory foods that they eat, it might help with their survival," said lead researcher JungHee Kang, a nursing research assistant and Ph.D. student at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. Diet has been shown to play a role in regulating inflammation, which is associated with many chronic illnesses, including heart disease. ... [Read More]

- New science tells us that our body’s connective tissue, or fascia, determines our baseline flexibility. But practicing yoga can change our muscles’ functional length and our joints’ range of motion. Here, how to use yoga to find a safe level of flexibility and stabilize your joints. Despite some of its contortionist asana, yoga isn't about whether you can get your foot behind your head. Instead, it's about the process of building awareness and using that awareness to make decisions that help you find health and happiness. . Wisdom is part of the process. But so is biology. Here are ... [Read More]

- Jump ropes have long been a staple on the playground, but as an adult, it’s a good idea to put them at the forefront of your fitness routine—especially if you’re a runner. The two workouts go hand-in-hand for building your best possible cardio routine, and when it comes to choosing between jump rope vs running, you’ll benefit from embracing both. "I alternate between jumping rope and running, because both are great forms of cardiovascular exercise," says Joshua Vela , a NASM-certified personal trainer with DailyBurn . While running unquestionably has its fair share of benefits, ... [Read More]