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- Yoga Can Actually Help You Lose Weight. Here's How. You don't even have to be that flexible to get the benefits. People often wonder whether yoga can help you lose weight, or whether it's just that the more lithe body types tend to gravitate to yoga. The short answer is yes, yoga can likely help with weight loss. But yoga doesn't always help with weight loss in the way you might think. True, if you do a more intense form of yoga, it can increase your heart rate and burn calories. But yoga may have other weight-loss benefits in addition to what the traditional burn-calories-and-build-muscle ... [Read More]

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- Food plays an important part in your workouts, giving you energy and the necessary fuel to complete them. There are lots of opinions on the timing of a workout, with many suggesting workouts first thing in the morning, serving as an efficient way of propelling weight loss. But it all depends on the person who’s working out, and whether they need more energy for their sessions or function better in the evening or late afternoon. If you have to eat before you workout, there are several things you must account for; in order to have a comfortable workout, the timing of your meal and its ... [Read More]

- This post has been updated. There are plenty of situations that require the thickening power of a pantry starch: your pie filling, soup, sauce, gravy. Cornstarch, tapioca starch (also known as tapioca flour), arrowroot, potato starch and plain old ... [Read More]

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- No surprise animal ingredients, promise! I think we can all agree that one of the most satisfying aspects of plant-based or vegan eating compared to some other popular diets out there is the fact that you get to keep bread. Avocado toast? BBQ ... [Read More]

- Hemp protein has many benefits. It’s a natural dietary supplement with amino acids that help support metabolism, immunity and energy. It can help with weight loss because it can help increase the body’s ability to burn fat. It is also ... [Read More]

- The paleo-vegan "pegan" diet was popularized by Dr. Mark Hyman, physician and nutrition writer. The diet combines elements of healthy eating such as avoiding processed foods and grains. It emphasizes fresh, whole foods and healthy fats, with some animals products if you want. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories . A few years ago, Dr. Mark Hyman , a doctor and best-selling nutrition writer, was participating in a nutrition panel discussion when a fight broke out. Two doctor colleagues on the panel, a paleo advocate and staunch vegan, entered into a heated argument about which diet is ... [Read More]


- Maybe you’re trying to eat healthier these days, aiming to get enough of the good stuff and limit the less-good stuff. You’re paying attention to things like fiber and fat and vitamins… and anti-nutrients? What the heck are anti-nutrients and are they something you need to be concerned about in your diet? Let me, as a public health nutrition researcher, reassure you that anti-nutrients aren’t the evil nemesis of all the nutritious foods you eat. As long as you’re consuming a balanced and varied diet, anti-nutrients are not a concern. In fact, scientists are realizing they actually ... [Read More]

- A new study published in The British Medical Journal by researchers including SFU health sciences professor Scott Lear found consuming a high number of refined grains, such as croissants and white bread, is associated with a higher risk of major cardiovascular disease, stroke and death. The Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE) study has been examining diets from diverse populations in low-, middle- and high-income countries around the world. Over 16 years of analysis of 137,130 participants in 21 countries, including Canada, the researchers found the intake of refined grains and added ... [Read More]

- Practicing some simple yoga poses can help you bid goodbye to period pain. Here are eight easy yoga asanas you can practice. The pose is super easy to perform and great for lower back pain. Tip: If you cannot rest your buttocks on your heels, place a thickly folded blanket between the back of your thighs and calves. It's a beginners level yoga asana which helps to relieve lower backache and eases cramps. Tip: You can do this pose with a pillow resting under the pointed knee. Camel pose is great for abdominal muscles and hip flexors. It helps in relieving pain and discomfort caused during ... [Read More]

- Whether you’re slogging through another day of work or trying to keep focused on the kids in homeschool, keeping your mind engaged and active can sometimes be a struggle. Mundane or ordinary tasks can leave us feeling sluggish or forgetful, let alone the more complex tasks we’re expected to do on an everyday basis. This can lower self-confidence, reduce productivity and lead to feelings of inadequacy, depression, and other long-lasting illnesses. Thankfully, there are some Common Foods That Can Boost Your Cognition And Memory after just a few days of including them in your diet. It’s ... [Read More]

- Dr. Eduardo de Marchena is a cardiology professor at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, an associate dean for international medicine and an expert in structural heart disease and coronary artery disease. Yet, this acclaimed cardiologist found he was facing the kind of weight challenges that can plague many heart patients. “It’s easy to preach and difficult to follow your own advice,” said de Marchena. “I’ve known about the proper way to diet for many, many years. But throughout my life, I’ve always had a little problem with weight.” The weight became more of an ... [Read More]