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Function Stress Foods Vascular Function Risk Disease
- Researchers find turning to fatty and other unhealthy foods for solace reduces vascular function and raises risk of heart disease Using fatty foods to comfort eat during times of stress can impair the body's recovery from the pressure, research ... [Read More]

Cvd Acids Omega Family History Family History
- Higher intake of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, or omega-3s, may reduce risk for heart disease in those with a family history of CVD, according to data published in Circulation . Foods high in polyunsaturated fatty acids include fish, nuts, ... [Read More]


Matcha Matcha Tea Journal Alzheimer's Dementia Functions Study
- A new study has found that drinking matcha, a type of green tea, may improve perception of emotions and sleep quality in older adults with a decline of cognitive functions. The study, conducted by researchers from Japan and published in the journal ... [Read More]


Gluten People Disease Cincinnati Children's Foods Celiac Disease
- Gluten has become somewhat of a buzzword in our culture. It's not uncommon to follow a gluten-free diet even if you aren't medically required to do so. But what even is gluten ? And why has it earned such a bad reputation? In a world of trending ... [Read More]


Fitness Workout Day Health Sleep Exercise
- Work And Workout: 8 Fitness Tips For Busy Women : For many working women, juggling a demanding career with personal life can often mean health and fitness take a back seat. However, maintaining a regular exercise routine is not just crucial for physical health; it's also a key factor in managing stress, boosting energy levels, and enhancing overall productivity. Establishing a fitness regime can be challenging amidst a busy schedule, but with the right approach and strategies, it's definitely achievable. This article aims to provide practical tips for working women to incorporate ... [Read More]

Dalia Recipes Quinoa Quinoa Quinoa Dalia Pulao Dalia Porridge
- Have you ever found yourself torn between the goodness of Dalia and the exotic charm of Quinoa? Well, if the answer to this question is yes, then this article is for you, as we it will take you through the nutritional journey. We'll navigate the ... [Read More]

Exercise Form Injuries Body Mcdonald Bike
- Editor's note: Before beginning any new exercise program, consult your doctor. Stop immediately if you experience pain. It's a frustrating irony that exercise — so critical to good health and longevity — also has the potential to cause ... [Read More]


Diet Health Footprint Carbon Foods Water
- Key Takeaways It's easy to think that your diet doesn't impact anyone but you. But the foods you eat do more than shape your personal health; their production impacts the health of the planet as well. The agriculture industry accounts for up to 30% ... [Read More]

Meditation Mindfulness Mindfulness Meditation Body Stress Health
- DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I've been hearing a lot about mindfulness meditation lately and how it can help reduce stress and improve overall well-being. But I'm a bit skeptical and don't really understand how sitting still and doing nothing can make such a ... [Read More]

Dairy Dr Dariush Mozaffarian Health Tufts University Products Dairy Products
- For decades, experts have said that less is more when it comes to dairy fat and health. But recent research has called this into question. Scan the dairy case of any grocery store, and you'll find rows upon rows of products with varying levels of fat. Nonfat, low-fat, whole: What's the healthiest option? If you consult the U.S. dietary guidelines or health authorities like the American Heart Association or the World Health Organization , the answer is clear: Choose a fat-free or low-fat version. This recommendation stems from the idea that full-fat dairy products are high in saturated fats, ... [Read More]


Iron C Vitamin Foods Vitamin C Body
- This pairing has long been thought to help your body better absorb iron Everyone needs a best buddy. There's Bert and Ernie, Goose and Maverick, Bill and Ted … and iron and vitamin C! Remember the song lyrics, "I get by with a little help ... [Read More]

Incline Mph Day Repetitions 12 Repetitions Workouts
- Last Updated December 8 , 2023 (originally published May 18, 2017 ).   Whether you want to fortify a regular fitness routine or add some variety to your plan , this 10-day workout plan can amplify your efforts by revving up both your workouts ... [Read More]

Seeds Chia Chia Seeds Blood Grams Sugar
- Chia seeds may be small, but they are loaded with a wealth of important nutrients that can help to support a healthy and nutritious diet. These tiny crunchy fiber-rich little seeds are full of protein which can help to make you feel full for ... [Read More]

Tea H Eacute Bert Ground Teaspoon Spices 1 Frasl
- Dr. James Hébert, director of University of South Carolina's Cancer Prevention and Control Program, has spent decades of his career studying how diet can trigger or soothe chronic inflammation in the body . He's also the inventor of the ... [Read More]

Protein Muscle Meal Synthesis Food Research
- Long-standing research has shown that consuming dietary protein stimulates muscle protein synthesis, which is a critical factor for building and maintaining skeletal muscle mass. Growing evidence has illustrated that animal- and plant-based protein food sources are not created equal in terms of their anabolic properties for triggering muscle growth and maintenance, primarily due to the quantity and quality of protein in these foods, as well as their different essential amino acid (EAA) content. New research recently published in the Journal of Nutrition is one of the first randomized ... [Read More]

Workout Section Reps Arm First Section Rep
- YOU'LL HAVE A HELL of a time making your way through this brutal five-minute workout—but you'll at least be able to choose the way you'll go about doing it. The trick to this intense kettlebell workout session from Mat Forzaglia —the trainer who also created the All Out Studio 20-Minute Muscle program for MH MVP Premium —is understanding effort and how much your body can take before it starts to fatigue. Thankfully, what you're doing isn't complicated. You only have one piece of equipment and two exercises to worry about. The challenge is to put forth max effort. The ... [Read More]

Perfectionist Karunaratne Movement Yoga Mind Body
- 'It's just not right. It has to be flawless. Why are you so bad at this?' If these or similar thoughts rattle through your mind when you attempt to complete a task, then there's a good chance you're a perfectionist (and there's a good chance that's not a newsflash to you). Sure, there are good things that come from having high standards, but when your normal standard is perfection, life can become exhausting, and everyday duties can feel impossible to tackle. Just ask Nike Well Collective trainer Clarissa Karunaratne . "I like to think of myself as a recovering perfectionist because I ... [Read More]

Dr Bender Gut Health Travel Fiber Stomach
- Traveling can be an exciting adventure, but for many, like myself, it often comes with an unwelcome companion: stomach troubles. Despite drinking plenty of water and trying to eat right, my stomach always seems to get messed up when I travel. To understand why this happens and how to combat it, I turned to Dr. Kelly Bender, a California-licensed Naturopathic Doctor, for expert insight. Travel often impacts our gastrointestinal tract in various ways, as Dr. Bender explains. She highlights that changes in diet are a common factor. "Your diet often changes while traveling," she notes, "either ... [Read More]


Diet Study Vegan Diet Twins Cholesterol Omnivore Diet
- Researchers discovered this still-trending diet is clearly healthier ... but it also fell short when it came to one important factor. Maybe you're brainstorming ways to clean up your eating habits ahead of the new year and have wondered how practical it would be to test out a plant-based diet. Now you might have more inspiration to give it a go: A clever new study just revealed a major benefit that can come from a diet that cuts down on  animal products.   Research in recent years has highlighted the benefits of a   vegan diet , which excludes any food that comes from an ... [Read More]

Asparagus Raw Asparagus Foods Salad Health Food Network
- You may have grown up learning that you shouldn't eat certain foods raw. While certain raw veggies can be unsafe to consume, there are certain things that are perfectly all right — and even encouraged — to eat uncooked. In fact, a number of foods can easily be eaten before they ever touch a stove. Although asparagus is known for making your pee smell, it has tons of nutritional value and goes well in so many different dishes. But does that mean you can eat asparagus raw or should you always cook it first? Can you eat asparagus raw? Yes, you can eat asparagus raw, and it can be ... [Read More]