Healthy Diet

Myth: In order to be fit you have to eat a specific way. Fact: There is no such thing as “the right way to eat”. Your body responds to the foods you eat in different ways and the best way to address your health is to learn what foods are healthy for you.

You probably already know that good eating habits is the key to good health, and that eating whole foods, fruits, vegetables and drinking plenty of water helps you to maintain a healthy diet. You can simply choose the healthy foods that you know work best for you and make them a staple in your diet. In the end, eating healthy should be fun and something that can be maintained throughout your life.

Pasta Pesto Avocado Sauce Nuts Cup
- A Delicious Hack For Adding Even More Veggies To Your Pesto From vodka penne to carbonara, there are numerous delicious sauces to choose from when dressing your pasta dish. But perhaps one of the most loved of all? Pesto. Typically crafted with pine nuts, this versatile spread can sit atop your bowls of pasta, add flavor to any sandwich, or even function as a savory dip with crackers at your next picnic. At mbg, we’re partial to the homemade route and this recipe straight from cookbook author ... [Read More]

Probiotics Health Women Bacteria Body Gut
- 3 Ways Probiotics Can Support Women’s Health : If you are following along with conversations in the wellness space, you may have heard about the importance of probiotics. These supplements are essential for women to maintain health and wellness, particularly for supporting vaginal health. Probiotics support the production of good bacteria that assist your body in fighting off the bad bacteria to keep you healthy. There is no one size fits all approach to probiotics. You want to find the best ... [Read More]

Vitamins Body Deficiency Diet Vitamin Day
- Taking care of our health is essential and is something that we should all prioritise so we can live long and happy lives. Looking after our bodies and ensuring they are functioning how they should, can help us fight disease, and allow us to feel our best. Vitamins are important when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so taking the best multivitamins available can be beneficial to you. If you’re looking to find out more about vitamins and the role they play in our wellbeing, read ... [Read More]

Jicama Air Root Juice Plant Squeeze
- Jicama—also called Chinese yam, yam bean root, Mexican potato, fon goot, or sicama—is a root vegetable native to Mexico and Central America. It's often described as a cross between a potato and an apple. The jicama plant is technically part of the legume family and grows as a vine, with the most commonly eaten part being the root—a round bulb with rough, light brown skin that is easy to peel. Jicama can resemble a turnip or even a beetroot, and it can weigh up to 50 ... [Read More]

Zumpano Meal Protein Food Meals Day
- Head off that food coma with these tips You just finished lunch. Not only do you feel full, but now the afternoon slump is setting in. Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site helps support our mission. We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services. Policy So, why is it that you’re always tired after eating? Overall, it’s common to feel a dip in your energy levels after eating, but there are steps you can take to minimize the effects. ... [Read More]

Fasting Glucose Energy Body Weight Diet
- What if I told you all you need to do to lose weight is read a calendar and tell time? These are the basics for successfully following an intermittent fasting diet. Can it be that simple, though? Does it work? And what is the scientific basis for fasting? As a registered dietitian and expert in human nutrition and metabolism , I am frequently asked such questions. Simply stated, intermittent fasting is defined by alternating set periods of fasting with periods in which eating is permitted. One ... [Read More]

Pasta Noodles Health White Pasta Taste Vitamin
- The savoury spaghetti engulfed in the white Italian creamy sauce, crunchy meatballs, and veggies. Sounds mouth-watering, doesn’t it? A creamy bowl of macaroni and cheese i.e., the White pasta is the most loved and widely eaten Italian dish all over the world. Studies indicate around 62 per cent of respondents from America eat pasta regularly. The figure is even more staggering when it comes to Europe; with 83% consuming pasta almost every day. Since white pasta is so widely and frequently ... [Read More]

Dr Bulsiewicz Gut Health Gut Health Fiber Microbes
- May 18, 2022 It's time for a collective gut check. Here, find expert-backed intel for harnessing the science in order to reap the many physical and mental health benefits of a well-balanced microbiome. Real More In the last few years, the importance of gut health has taken center stage thanks to a growing body of science-backed evidence pointing to the impact a well-balanced microbiome can have on one's longevity and overall well-being . But with so much information now available to us, ... [Read More]

Energy Whitten Levels Oysters Energy Levels Rda
- 7 Superfoods That Can Help You Feel Less Tired, From An Energy Specialist From sleep quality to exercise frequency to stress levels and beyond, there's a variety of factors that can impact your energy levels . Of these, it’s hard to overstate the powerful role that nutrition plays. If you're looking for some quick staples to support your vitality, well, you're in luck: When we spoke with energy specialist Ari Whitten , Eat for Energy , on the mindbodygreen podcast , he shared seven go-to ... [Read More]

Ohio State University Food Punch Memory Brain Thanos Power Punch
- What’s your In-N-Out fix? Animal Style? Double Meat? A belt-busting 4×4? Sad to say you’re doing damage to more than just your pant size. New research from Ohio State University found eating highly processed food (read: fast food) for four weeks caused lab animals to perform measurably worse on memory-related tests compared to those eating healthier fare. Why? These foods are like a Thanos power punch to the brain, triggering inflammation. The silver lining: Researchers found memory ... [Read More]

Mediterranean Keto Diet Keto Diet Diet Foods Mediterranean Diet Carb
- Mediterranean Keto Diet: What It Is, Benefits & Ingredients To Buy Both the Mediterranean and keto diets have a long list of potential health benefits. But if you’ve checked them both out and neither feels quite right, there’s a possible solution: the Mediterranean keto diet. This nutrition plan combines the best of both worlds, focusing on heart-healthy, fresh foods with a lower overall carbohydrate intake. What is the Mediterranean keto diet? Before getting into the specifics of the ... [Read More]

Brain Dr Tousi Diet Foods Health Memory
- The Best Foods To Eat for Better Memory and Brain Health Add some brain food to your plate They say, “You are what you eat.” And the food we incorporate into our diets does have a profound impact on our bodies. But can certain foods also boost the health of our minds? Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site helps support our mission. We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services. Policy Turns out, certain foods can indeed help with ... [Read More]