Healthy Diet

Myth: In order to be fit you have to eat a specific way. Fact: There is no such thing as “the right way to eat”. Your body responds to the foods you eat in different ways and the best way to address your health is to learn what foods are healthy for you.

You probably already know that good eating habits is the key to good health, and that eating whole foods, fruits, vegetables and drinking plenty of water helps you to maintain a healthy diet. You can simply choose the healthy foods that you know work best for you and make them a staple in your diet. In the end, eating healthy should be fun and something that can be maintained throughout your life.

Seafood Protein B12 Mercury Selenium Health
- Medically reviewed by Kayla Girgen, RD Seafood is a collective term that refers to fish, mollusks, crustaceans, and echinoderms. Seafood, like salmon, clams, and oysters, is rich in nutrients like protein, B12, iron, selenium, zinc, and vitamin D, many of which tend to be low in modern-day diets. Seafood is also the primary dietary source of the omega-3 fats eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). EPA and DHA have powerful anti-inflammatory effects on the body and help ... [Read More]


Vitamin Spinach Minutes Blood Romaine Burgers
- Lose the bun, enjoy the fun! These spinach, mushroom and tomato stuffed burgers might sound fancy, but they're easy to make. And when you wrap them in lettuce, they offer a delicious, bunless burger option. Ingredients 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 1/2 cup red onion, diced 1/2 cup mushrooms, chopped 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar 2 cups spinach 1 small tomato, diced (liquids drained) or 1 tablespoon tomato paste 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard Sea salt and pepper, to taste 16 ounces ground ... [Read More]

Rice White Rice Bran Cooking Grain Germ
- Forget all the things you've learned about rinsing rice. As a 40-something-year-old Korean who has made rice over 10 thousand times, I would consider myself an expert at it. I have a sense of how much water to add without measuring given any amount of rice and I can smell when it's time to turn the heat off the pot of rice without having to lift the lid. Ever wonder who buys those 50-pound bags of rice at the grocery store? They were made for restaurants and people like me. Rice is a staple my ... [Read More]


Diet Vyas Vitamins Dr Neha Vyas Physician Cleveland Clinic
- With so many vitamins and other supplements available these days, it can be hard to know which ones to take. According to Dr. Neha Vyas, a family medicine physician with Cleveland Clinic, you really don't need any. "I tell my patients that if you have a healthy diet and you yourself are a healthy adult, you really don't need to supplement with any vitamins," Vyas said. "That being said, if you are pregnant or are considering conception, then a prenatal vitamin is a good place to start." Vyas ... [Read More]


Sugar Blood Levels Blood Sugar Foods People
- If you've ever eaten dessert on an empty stomach, chances are you've experienced what's known as a blood sugar "crash." The cells in your body don't get enough energy, so you often end up feeling tired, irritable , dizzy, hungry and you may even experience shakiness or light-headedness .  This occurs because your body responds to the sudden influx of sugar in your system by releasing too much of the hormone insulin , which causes your blood sugar, also known as glucose , to plummet ... [Read More]


Milk Soy Soy Milk Option Almond Nadeau
- Ten years ago, the non-dairy options at your local coffee shop were likely soy or almond milk . Today, non-dairy drinkers have their pick of the litter, including the ever-popular oat milk and other options like pea, hemp, cashew and even banana milk.  The market is growing – a food and drink analyst told The New York Times that plant-based milk will likely make up 30% of total milk sales by the end of 2026. Many gravitate toward non-dairy milk because of an allergy or intolerance, ... [Read More]


Protein Diet Prakash Snacks Food Nuts
- You don't have to give up snacking to follow one of the healthiest eating plans in the world. Simple snacks from the Mediterranean diet can help you cut back on processed food like potato chips, according to a dietician. The Mediterranean diet is all about focusing on moderation and nutrient-dense food instead of restriction, said registered dietitian and food writer Sheela Prakash , author of "Mediterranean Every Day: Simple, Inspired Recipes for Feel-Good Food." "It's not depriving yourself," ... [Read More]

Cheese Cottage Cottage Cheese Protein Texture Haim
- In my early memories, cottage cheese was a peculiar spread my mother would pair with cinnamon-flavored graham crackers for lunch. Many other women swore by it as a diet food. Fast forward to today, and cottage cheese is the hottest ingredient around: The protein-packed dairy product has transformed into a versatile ingredient: People on social media are using it to make bagels , pizza bowls , sweet (and savory) cottage cheese toast and more. Tiktokkers are even posting about cottage cheese ... [Read More]

Plant Plant Based Meat Amino Products Nutrients
- Many plant-based meat alternatives promising the juicy texture and flavor of 'real meat'. But have you ever wondered how these products truly measure up to the nutrients of a classic steak or cold cuts we know? Meat vs. plant-based nutrients Researchers analyzed the nutritional profiles of both plant-based and animal-based steaks and cold cuts, revealing some significant differences: Carbohydrates Plant-based products generally contained higher quantities of carbohydrates compared to their meat ... [Read More]


Kiwi Health Fruit Benefits Kiwis Vitamin
- K iwis may not be the flashiest fruit in the fruit bowl, but that's no reason to overlook them. After all, doing so could mean that you'll miss out on some of the serious health benefits this fuzzy fruit has to offer. Like, bet you didn't know that, ounce for ounce, kiwi has than oranges, strawberries, and grapefruit. Or, perhaps, that two large kiwis have more potassium than an entire (!) medium-sized banana. And don't even get us started about the tons of gut-healthy fiber found in a serving ... [Read More]

Skin Skins Health Fiber Potato Antioxidants
- Key Takeaways You might be quick to peel away the skins of your favorite fruits and vegetables to get to that delicious, juicy flesh inside. But that cast-aside outer layer is a treasure trove of nutrients, vitamins, and fiber and adds some delightful texture and depth of flavor to meals. Many fruits' and vegetables' skins, peels, and rinds "are rich in fiber and additional nutrients like potassium and magnesium, enhancing the nutritional value of your diet," Michelle Routhenstein, RD , a ... [Read More]

B12 Vitamin Mcg Deficiency Body Health
- 10 Signs of Vitamin B12 Deficiency That May Deceive You You could be experiencing both mental and physical symptoms. By Reviewed by Registered Dietitian Nutritionist mixetto // We've been independently researching and testing products for over 120 years. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more about our review process. Plant-forward diets are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their numerous health benefits, but whether you choose to go flexitarian, vegetarian ... [Read More]