Healthy Diet

Myth: In order to be fit you have to eat a specific way. Fact: There is no such thing as “the right way to eat”. Your body responds to the foods you eat in different ways and the best way to address your health is to learn what foods are healthy for you.

You probably already know that good eating habits is the key to good health, and that eating whole foods, fruits, vegetables and drinking plenty of water helps you to maintain a healthy diet. You can simply choose the healthy foods that you know work best for you and make them a staple in your diet. In the end, eating healthy should be fun and something that can be maintained throughout your life.

Dr Rao Gut Fiber Holidays Health Holiday
- H oliday season is upon us, and in addition to the holly and jolly, one less-than-festive thing is to be expected: a few extra belly aches. It happens to the best of us: Espresso martinis, shopping stress, and hosting family holidays will "sit" quite right together—especially as far as your gut microbiome is concerned. Truth is, you should never pass up enjoying some of your favorite holiday foods if they bring you joy, especially considering that gut health experts agree balancing your ... [Read More]

Potatoes Ansari Dairy Products Mashed Potatoes Heart
- Mashed potatoes may not scream " good for you ," but they do taste delicious. So, does that mean you need to cut those creamy , whipped spuds from your diet if you're opting for a more nutritious lifestyle? The answer is no, according to Yasi Ansari , who is a registered dietitian nutritionist, certified specialist in sports dietetics and national media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics . "Mashed potatoes can certainly be part of a healthy and well-balanced diet ," she says. ... [Read More]


Seeds Chia Chia Seeds Blood Grams Sugar
- Chia seeds may be small, but they are loaded with a wealth of important nutrients that can help to support a healthy and nutritious diet. These tiny crunchy fiber-rich little seeds are full of protein which can help to make you feel full for longer. They come from the flowering plant Salvia hispanica, and several studies suggest that they offer a variety of health benefits such as lowering the risk of depression, heart disease, and inflammatory bowel disease.  These versatile and ... [Read More]

Iron C Vitamin Foods Vitamin C Body
- This pairing has long been thought to help your body better absorb iron Everyone needs a best buddy. There's Bert and Ernie, Goose and Maverick, Bill and Ted … and iron and vitamin C! Remember the song lyrics, "I get by with a little help from my friends"? Vitamin C is the supportive pal that iron needs, helping your body absorb enough iron to keep you healthy. And that's pretty important because, well, iron is pretty important. It plays a variety of critical roles, like carrying oxygen ... [Read More]

Protein Mix Fiber Breakfast Grams Apples
- T here's nothing better than a breakfast shortcut —and this one involves using protein-packed pancake mix as a base for a delicious dessert (slash cozy winter breakfast ). Ready to crumble? Ahead, we're sharing a delicious high-protein caramel apple crumble recipe featuring Kodiak's Cinnamon Oat Power Cakes Flapjack & Waffle Mix that's packed with protein and fiber, and most importantly, is dietitian-approved. High-protein caramel apple crumble recipe Yields 6-8 servings  Ingredients ... [Read More]

Skin Omega Health Astaxanthin Nutrients Resilient Skin
- Resilient skin entails more than looking healthy on the surface. Resilient skin is strong , in every sense of the word—it bounces back when facing challenges, like dry weather, over-exfoliation, or pollutants, thus protecting your body as its first line of defense.  So if you want your skin to stay strong for the long haul, consider viewing skin health as more than just an even complexion or smooth surface. To come, how to support skin resilience from within, and why it matters for ... [Read More]

Vitamins Fiber Potassium K Blood Cancer
- Vegetables are good for you, and this is well supported by many studies (except for those with certain allergies/intolerances and health conditions). However, much like all things, not everything is created equally, vegetables are no exception to this, and some are better than others. We've collected a short list of some of the vegetables that are the most nutritious to pile on your plate.  Spinach is high in iron, potassium, magnesium, and carotenoids, as well as vitamins A, B, C, E, and ... [Read More]

Risk Alzheimer's Foods Alzheimer's Risk Diet Research
- If you've ever doubted that diet plays a role in brain health for the longterm, you won't anymore; According to new research published in the  Journal of Alzheimer's Disease , certain foods have a strong link to increased Alzheimer's risk, while others could help reduce your risk. Here's what to know. Foods associated with an increased Alzheimer's risk For this review, two researchers wanted to understand the connection between Alzheimer's risk and different diets, pouring through ... [Read More]

Dr Bender Gut Health Travel Fiber Stomach
- Traveling can be an exciting adventure, but for many, like myself, it often comes with an unwelcome companion: stomach troubles. Despite drinking plenty of water and trying to eat right, my stomach always seems to get messed up when I travel. To understand why this happens and how to combat it, I turned to Dr. Kelly Bender, a California-licensed Naturopathic Doctor, for expert insight. Travel often impacts our gastrointestinal tract in various ways, as Dr. Bender explains. She highlights that ... [Read More]


Diet Heart Protein Fruits Zumpano Vegetarian Diet
- Giving up meat can have a significant effect on lowering cholesterol It can be challenging at first to make lifestyle changes when you're attempting to build a healthier life. How do you know where to begin? Should you tackle everything at once, or just the small everyday things that feel more manageable? Certainly, when you boil down your focus to just one area of improvement, a healthier lifestyle can become a bit more manageable when you measure your successes over time and become more ... [Read More]

Engler Protein Supplement Multivitamin Supplements Health
- As a key member of mindbodygreen's scientific affairs team, Emma Engler, M.S. , has her nose in PubMed (basically a researcher's version of Google) all day. She meticulously combs through heaps of peer-reviewed studies on each of the ingredients in mindbodygreen's supplements+ formulas . Needless to say, she knows a thing or two about which supplements—and in what amounts—have the science to back them up. While Engler notes that her own supplement routine can be fluid (depending on ... [Read More]

Diet Study Vegan Diet Twins Cholesterol Omnivore Diet
- Researchers discovered this still-trending diet is clearly healthier ... but it also fell short when it came to one important factor. Maybe you're brainstorming ways to clean up your eating habits ahead of the new year and have wondered how practical it would be to test out a plant-based diet. Now you might have more inspiration to give it a go: A clever new study just revealed a major benefit that can come from a diet that cuts down on  animal products.   Research in recent years has ... [Read More]