Unlike many other physical activities that can be hard on your body, Yoga is a great choice that can make a positive difference in your physical and mental health, plus your spiritual and social well-being.

Yoga can help improve flexibility and ease some of the stress from your daily life. Yoga also been associated with increased longevity, lower anxiety, improved memory and improved athletic performance.

- Here’s one you may have pondered while sitting on your porcelain throne. We all have embarrassing health-related questions that just need to be answered. And chances are, more than half have to do with poop . Here’s one you may have pondered more than once while on your porcelain throne: Why am I so dang tired after I poop? Well, thankfully Dr. Sameer Islam is here to answer this, ahem, unique question on his YouTube channel. And, yes, there is absolutely a medical reason for this phenomenon. The most common reason, according to Dr. Islam, is something called a vasovagal reflex . ... [Read More]

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- (CNN) Contrary to popular belief, yoga isn't just for the super flexible. However, trying to complete moves that are out of your comfort zone can be frustrating. There are plenty of people who suffer from this same feeling of discouragement, so you're not alone. That's why it's important to explore the alternatives to difficult poses and remember that there are always ways to modify yoga poses to develop your flexibility. Flexibility is essential in our everyday lives. Whether it's bending down to grab something we dropped or stretching out our arms to reach another object, we all need a ... [Read More]


- You can find a type that works for you. While all those yoga poses can seem intimidating at first, it’s actually a very approachable form of exercise. And that’s just one of the benefits of yoga anyone curious about the practice should be aware of. That’s partly because so much of yoga is about turning inward and focusing on aligning your body and your mind. “Despite popular belief, yoga is more than just a physical practice—yoga is a complete program of how to live in the world,” Ingrid Yang, M.D. , a board-certified internal medicine physician and registered yoga teacher in San ... [Read More]


- No, You Don't Have to Sit Up Super Straight to Meditate — Headspace's Cofounder Explains Just like you shouldn't force a clear mind in meditation — because there really is no such thing — Headspace cofounder and former monk Andy Puddicombe said you should not force posture . You might imagine the correct way to sit during meditation is very upright and pretzel-style on the floor, but Puddicombe told POPSUGAR that, generally speaking, he doesn't suggest that at all. While it does depend on the person, Puddicombe, also the executive producer of the new Netflix series Headspace Guide to ... [Read More]


- It’s no secret that establishing a regular yoga practice has many therapeutic benefits like improving mental health, promoting relaxation, plus increasing physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness . For those reasons, yoga is a fantastic practice to kick off your morning. Whether you had a rough night sleeping or you’re looking for a simple way to start your day, moving through a flow first thing in the a.m. is a great way to set a calming and positive tone. If you’re seeking to enhance your mornings and bring more mindfulness into your day, check out this quick and energizing ... [Read More]

- With  so many different yoga styles  on the market, you’re practically guaranteed to find one you enjoy. The trouble is, having so many options to choose from can leave you wondering where to start your search. According to Ashley Sondergaard , a registered yoga teacher, and host of the Yoga Magic Podcast , the key question to ask yourself when searching for a yoga style is: What do I want out of my yoga practice? Maybe you’re looking to reduce stress, strengthen muscles, increase flexibility or tap into your spirituality. Whatever benefits you’re hoping for, chances are there’s a ... [Read More]

- Strengthen Your Spine & Your Core With Mermaid Pose If you're seeking an advanced yoga pose that strengthens not only your spine but also your core and glutes, look no further than mermaid pose. This challenging backbend is a variation of pigeon pose , with an even deeper backbend and extra focus on the glutes and hamstrings. Here's how to do it, plus why it's so good for you, as demonstrated by certified yoga instructor Pilin Anice . How to do mermaid pose ( Eka Pada Rajakapotasana ). Beginning in tabletop, slide your right leg forward with a flexed foot, dropping your knee by your right ... [Read More]

- If You Suffer From Achy, Tight Hips, Get Instant Relief With This 10-Minute Yoga Video Have your hips felt tighter and more achy lately? Yoga instructor Bria Hamlet shared this 10-minute video on her YouTube channel to open your tight hips. This sequence is perfect for a beginner or an intermediate yogi as it's slow-paced and focuses on holding poses to get a deeper stretch. The video includes moves such as hip circles, Child's Pose, and Downward Facing Dog. As a bonus, this yoga flow is relaxing, so it can also help relieve stress and induce a sense of calm. Hamlet told POPSUGAR, "I ... [Read More]


- This ancient practice is quick and easy to do — and could boost your well-being It’s safe to say many of us are under more stress than usual these days. And sure, you’d love to do something to lower your stress and improve your health. But who has time for that? Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site helps support our mission. We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services. Policy Actually, if you have 10 minutes a day, you have enough time to do qi gong. This ancient Chinese practice can reduce stress and help your body function ... [Read More]

- Snake Pose Belongs at the Beginning of Your Yoga Flow — Here’s Why I always warm up for my morning yoga flows with Snake Pose. There is no rhyme or reason why it's the first move I gravitate to every day, other than it just feels right — and experts confirm I was right to listen to my body. You may have heard of Snake Pose (known as Sarpasana in Sanskrit) before, but know that the move is often confused with the very popular Cobra Pose (aka Bhujangasana in Sanskrit). Although the poses are different, certified yoga instructor David Richards explains that in modern yoga practices, Snake ... [Read More]


- Some of the most elusive poses in yoga are inversions, asanas that place your heart above your head. And while more advanced moves like wheel and headstand fall into this category, so do many other beginner-friendly poses. The hardest part is knowing where to start—and how to stay safe. In the latest episode of  Good Moves ,  Nike master trainer Traci Copeland leads a 20-minute flow with inversions meant for beginners. "I’m going to take you through some of the more classical inversion poses like headstand, handstand, crow pose. But inversions don’t always necessarily mean going ... [Read More]