Unlike many other physical activities that can be hard on your body, Yoga is a great choice that can make a positive difference in your physical and mental health, plus your spiritual and social well-being.

Yoga can help improve flexibility and ease some of the stress from your daily life. Yoga also been associated with increased longevity, lower anxiety, improved memory and improved athletic performance.

Bridge Yoga Benefits Flexibility Core Strength
- B ridge pose in yoga, also known by its Sanskrit name setu bandha sarvangasana , is a staple in most asana practices, accessible to beginners yet still challenging for advanced practitioners; it's not only great for core strengthening, but it also offers notable benefits for flexibility and back health . "Bridge pose is a one-stop shop for core strength," says Esther Yaniv , MD, E-RYT 200, physical medicine and rehab physician and registered yoga teacher. "It engages the deep postural muscles, ... [Read More]

Couch Knee Stretch Leg Side Floor
- Dana Santas, known as the " Mobility Maker ," is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and mind-body coach in professional sports, and is the author of the book "Practical Solutions for Back Pain Relief." After a long day, there is nothing quite like sinking into the comfort of your couch. But what if this simple pleasure could offer more than just the relaxation that comes from flopping down and stretching out? By incorporating a few deliberate stretches into your couch routine, you ... [Read More]


Exercise Workout Mayo Clinic Cardio Seconds Cardio Workout
- T he benefits of adding cardio exercise into your daily routine? Well, the list is seemingly endless. Cardiovascular exercise improves your stamina and energy levels, boosts your metabolism, and reduces your stress levels, blood pressure, and chance of heart disease, stroke, and other chronic health conditions, according to the Mayo Clinic . What if we told you that you could still get all of this by sitting down? This seated cardio workout is high-intensity and will keep your heart rate ... [Read More]

Tree Leg Standing Yoga Knee Hip
- C lassified as an asymmetrical standing balance posture, yoga's tree pose (Vrksasana) evokes the feeling of being both grounded and wide open. Like a tree, this yoga pose illustrates the importance of cultivating a solid foundation that supports growth in all directions, while also inviting us to play with our balance and focus our attention on the here and now. Nourishing for both body and mind, tree pose is commonly taught to students both young and old, which speaks to the many benefits of ... [Read More]

Pain Yoga People Study Muscle Elson
- Yoga May Help Ease Chronic Low Back Pain Doing yoga, even via online classes, may help reduce back pain and improve muscle function, a small recent study suggests. People with chronic lower back pain who start practicing yoga may see their symptoms improve, even if they mostly practice from the comfort of home. In a small study, researchers offered 10 women with chronic lower back pain a series of eight yoga classes over four weeks. While the first session was in person, the rest were all ... [Read More]

Yoga Pain Flexion Study Researchers Relief
- These Yoga Poses Could Help People With Chronic Low Back Pain, Researchers Say New research builds on existing evidence supporting the benefits of yoga for low back pain. A 4-week telehealth yoga program significantly reduced low back pain among participants with the condition. The researchers found certain yoga poses emphasizing hip flexion improved the flexion-relaxation ratio, a biomarker of chronic lower back pain. Larger studies are needed to determine the long-term effects of yoga on low ... [Read More]

Repeat Chest Hips Side Shoulders Knees
- POPSUGAR Photography | Christa Janine Photo illustration by Aly Lim POPSUGAR Photography | Christa Janine Photo illustration by Aly Lim Just about everyone could benefit from adding more upper back stretches to their routine. While upper back pain isn't as common as lower back pain, factors like stress, poor posture , and muscle strain — caused by things like spending hours in front of a computer, frequently carrying a heavy bag, or even diving head-first into an upper-body workout ... [Read More]


Pain Yoga Mayock Body Spine Muscles
- S tatistically speaking, there's a good chance you or someone you know has experienced back pain . In fact, back pain is one of the most common reasons why people see a doctor or miss work, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke . While severe back pain can certainly keep you homebound—or at least horizontal for a bit—there's a wide spectrum of back pain that can crop up as anything from nagging aches and pains to more serious chronic conditions ... [Read More]

Hands Yoga Sleep Hips Knees Feet
- Are you having trouble falling asleep at night because your mind is still racing from your day? You aren't alone. Luckily, there are plenty of tricks that could help you at bedtime , like reading, drinking a hot cup of herbal tea or journaling . But if those tips aren't enough and you're still struggling to get some shut-eye, practicing a few  yoga  poses may be your key to getting a better night's sleep.  For more natural ways to get better sleep, try these seven sleep aids for ... [Read More]


Hutchins Chair Yoga Spine Pain Ground
- K now what's fun? Waking up one day and realizing that you've gotten to the point in life where your back just brazenly hurts for what seems to be no good reason. Of course, the reality is, sitting for long periods of time, often hunched over our devices (hi, like I am while writing this!) is the most common culprit . Despite knowing that, though, it's difficult to transform our posture overnight, which means back pain persists. Thankfully, there are a few yoga moves you can do right from your ... [Read More]

Dog Downward Dog Yoga Move Body Arms
- Welcome to Start TODAY. Sign up for our Start TODAY newsletter to join the 30-day challenge and receive daily inspiration sent to your inbox. Yoga has become much more mainstream over the past decade or so. While you once needed to attend a yoga class to see certain poses, they are now incorporated into many types of workouts. Think: as a part of the warm up or cool down during bootcamps and incorporated into ab routines . Downward dog is one of those yoga exercises that has become a popular ... [Read More]


Muscles Core Yoga Position Hands Knees
- You can work more than your abdominals So much of yoga is about achieving a balancing act: Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site helps support our mission. We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services. Policy The ebb and flow of diaphragmatic breathing . The ability to firmly plant your feet on the ground but still remain flexible . Finding ways to focus on the present without being overwhelmed by your senses. When it comes to the ... [Read More]