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- Dietitian and plant-based diet specialist Cynthia Sass shares her personal banana dark chocolate muffin recipe, why it's healthy, and what to eat with it for a nutritious start to your day. A muffin can be both a treat and a healthy way to kick off ... [Read More]

- Here’s a ‘Juicy’ Hip-Opening Yoga Flow—Because We Could All Use One Right Now When I first started going to yoga classes with my mom back in high school, she always embarrassed me by asking the instructor, "Please! Can we do a few moves for ... [Read More]

- Test your knowledge to tell whether or not your body needs a little bit of supplemental oomph. It’s noble to strive for a "food-first" nutrition plan, where all your nutrients come exclusively from your diet, but even the most diligent among us ... [Read More]

- Working out? Here are top food picks for fuel and recovery. There have been many disruptions to daily life in 2020 – including the upending of workout routines. A recent study conducted found that as of August, nearly 71% of gym members across ... [Read More]

- Researchers looked at past scientific studies on ketogenic as well as intermittent fasting diets One major side effect to the Keto diet has been ‘Keto Crotch,’ but here is a list of other side effects to the popular diet. The ketogenic or “keto” diet is a popular diet trend that involves eating high amounts of fats and protein while limiting carbohydrate intake. While there are said to be some benefits of this diet , such as reducing appetite and lowering blood sugar levels, the findings of a new meta-analysis suggest that this diet trend could be bad for heart health. Researchers at ... [Read More]


- (TNS)—With some gyms closed and a number of people working from home, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it more difficult for many people to get in their daily workout. Sedentary behavior, including sitting for long periods of time, can contribute ... [Read More]


- When we think about dieting, we immediately imagine restricting our calories, upping our gym visits and skipping happy hours. So when we heard about a buzzy program that supposedly lets you eat out, have carbs, drink alcohol and work out less , our ... [Read More]


- Including what you can eat and how the program can potentially be beneficial for your health. Popular diets today focus on everything from fiber to fat, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that there’s also one that revolves around the acidity and ... [Read More]

- Health and Wellness Get fit in 60 seconds with these quick tips from a personal trainer Stephanie Mansour Whether you're cooped up in your house and need to  break up the day with some movement  or are back in the swing of things and having a ... [Read More]


- From a nutritional standpoint, kale and broccoli are both winners — they’re high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber — all of which are  important components of a healthy diet . They are both cruciferous vegetables that come from the  Brassica  family. Other vegetables in the same family include Brussels sprouts,  cauliflower , arugula and radishes. Cruciferous vegetables have sulfur-containing chemicals called glucosinolates. When digested, glucosinolates break down into various compounds that have been studied for their potential anti-cancer effects. While more studies ... [Read More]

- Entrepreneurs face considerable mental and emotional challenges,  making decisions  every day that they hope will pay off for years to come.  So you probably know that  exercise helps you perform better under stress . Exercising at ... [Read More]


- Self-care is more important than ever. Here are some simple and effective ways to put it into practice and boost your mental health. These days, when things are so stressful and difficult, there’s no limit to the amount of self-care activities we ... [Read More]

- Want to eat something healthy? Try a potato It took me awhile but I finally got an air fryer. I did not expect to like it as much as I do. It provides food with a fried feel with almost no added fat. And cleanup is a breeze. My husband is now in ... [Read More]

- Dietitians weigh in on the potential health benefits of vitamin C-rich fruits and veggies. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin that helps with everything from iron absorption to collagen production . Unlike certain other vitamins, vitamin C can't ... [Read More]


- Do you experience chronic back pain? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, lower back pain is one of the most common forms of physical discomfort . This should come as no surprise when you consider the amount of time that most people spend sitting in their car or in front of a computer. Chronic pain can have a significant impact on your quality of life. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce this type of pain.  This article takes a look at common causes of lower back pain. Keep reading so that you can learn ways to avoid back pain and start living your best life. 1. Poor Posture Poor posture ... [Read More]

- How to Exercise Without it Feeling Like Exercise : The word exercise can be daunting. Maybe it brings to mind the gym and equipment you have no idea how to use. Or all those people out running and you don’t know how they keep going. When you decide to start exercising , it doesn’t have to entail a scary fitness regime. There are lots you can do to keep your body moving and have fun while you do it. Try Walking Walking seems to go under the radar as a form of exercise but it comes with so many health benefits. With it beginning to get colder outside the last thing you want to do is go ... [Read More]

- In the days before COVID-19 , the concept of going out to eat always connoted a caloric splurge. Bring on the fats! The sodium! The sugary drinks and desserts! The carbiest of all the carbs! It’s a special occasion and time to #treatyoself! But today, it looks more than a little different. We’re no longer just patronizing our favorite restaurants for the ambiance or environment. We’re doing it to this pandemic and will be there to welcome us again after it. We’re getting more global cuisine ― dishes we can’t make at home, flavors we can’t readily source or identify and food ... [Read More]


- Firstly, there is great need to understand that keto diet is not a quick-fix diet. There is great need to stick to this plan for at least 30 days in order to see real results. Going back to the old way of eating will undo any of keto’s benefits as well as maybe even make you gain weight. Do you want to give keto a try for weight loss as well as for its other benefits? Here are some effective strategies that provide a solid foundation to do the plan correctly in order to maintain keto over the long haul or get great results. Incorporate healthy fats It is essential to keep in mind that some ... [Read More]


- The sweetening compound in black licorice can cause irregular heart rhythm. As people prepare to dig into their favorite Halloween candy, there's one treat with a new consumption warning for adults. Recently, a 54-year-old Massachusetts man died after eating a bag-and-a-half of black licorice every day for a few weeks, The Associated Press reported . According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, eating black licorice in excessive amounts can prompt low potassium levels and trigger a series of irregularities and health issues. "If you're 40 or older, eating 2 ounces of black licorice a ... [Read More]

- This Boat Pose Variation Will Fire Up Your Core & Obliques In Minutes From better posture to better digestion , having a strong core can improve many areas of your overall health. But if you're getting tired of the same old crunches and planks in your abs routine, consider adding a unique boat pose variation to your workout. Boat pose alone is a great move for your core, and this version adds a side crunch component, to fire up your lower abs and obliques , too. Here's how to do it correctly and effectively, demonstrated by mbg staffer and certified yoga instructor, Amanda Quadrini . How to ... [Read More]