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- A diet high in fruits and vegetables may help reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by 50 percent, a large new study suggests. The study, which spanned about 10 years and included more than 22,000 people, looked at the link between ... [Read More]

- When You're Stressed, Try 2 Breathing Techniques From Yoga Instructor Juliana Spicoluk Courtesy of Martina Gebarovska There are a few practices that Juliana Spicoluk, cocreator of the Boho Beautiful wellness and lifestyle brand, does for stress ... [Read More]


- July 13 (UPI) -- A high-protein diet that relies heavily on plant-based sources can reduce a person's risk for death from heart disease by 10 percent, a study published Monday by JAMA Internal Medicine found. Substituting plant-based protein ... [Read More]


- As we get older, our bodies have a much more difficult time battling the various toxins that we intake on a daily basis. Of course, we are not consuming these toxins on purpose, but through unhealthy habits and diets. Many of us know that staying ... [Read More]

- MONDAY, July 13, 2020 (HealthDay News) -- Swapping out tofu for your morning eggs or using beans instead of ground beef in your chili could help you live longer, a new study reports. Getting your daily protein from plants instead of animals appears to reduce your overall risk of early death, researchers found. Every 3% of a person's daily energy intake coming from plant protein instead of animal protein reduced a person's risk of premature death by 10%, the results showed. The results were particularly strong when people swapped plant protein for eggs (24% lower risk in men and 21% lower ... [Read More]

- A compound commonly found in pickled capers has been shown to activate proteins required for normal human brain and heart activity, and may even lead to future therapies for the treatment of epilepsy and abnormal heart rhythms. A compound commonly ... [Read More]

- A little targeted movement can go a long way. It’s pretty common to make it to the end of the day and realize your butt is a little sore , tight, or maybe even numb. But butt stretches can loosen up your tight tush, fast. The tight, sore feeling ... [Read More]


- Next to water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. Data suggests global tea consumption is growing, and will hit nearly 300 billion liters by 2021. That means people around the world are gulping down more than 3 billion cups each day . ... [Read More]

- How to Use Yoga to Combat Brain Fog (Because Yes, It Helps With That Too) Brain fog can happen to anyone—especially in the middle of a pandemic. Eating the right nutrients and getting proper sleep can help. Or, for a more active solution, you can ... [Read More]

- It’s easy to turn to the medicine cabinet when you’ve got a migraine or stomachache. And while popping a pill is usually the fastest way to treat common health ailments, making some tweaks to what you put on your plate may be a better way to heal your body in the long run and sidestep those health issues  in the first place. “Good nutrition and an understanding of what works best for your individual body can help you avoid myriad ailments,” says Jen Bruning , a registered dietician nutritionist and media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Here are some everyday ... [Read More]

- Meditating can be tough if you don’t know where to start. Here are some things that can help you. We are living in anxious times, making meditation one of the surest and most efficient ways of obtaining some much needed calm. The problem with ... [Read More]

- If you are looking to increase your sperm count and also your fertility then you should eat these foods in you daily diet. are also good sources for increasing your semen count. Creation for men by Viva Nutra is one of the best supplement in the ... [Read More]


- These humble plastic discs are a fast track to trembling muscles and a stronger core.  All products featured on GQ are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate ... [Read More]


- An abundance of research over the past several decades has conclusively shown that following an eating plan that emphasizes plant-based foods offers significant health benefits. It lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases; many cancers ; ... [Read More]

- Experts found that even a modest increase of these foods as part of a healthy diet could help prevent Type 2 diabetes, which is linked to obesity. A diet rich in fruit, vegetables and whole grains is linked to a lower risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, according to two new studies. The papers, published in the (BMJ), found that even a modest increase in these foods as part of a healthy diet could help prevent Type 2 diabetes In the first study, researchers examined blood levels of vitamin C and carotenoids – plant pigments which give some fruit and vegetables their bright colour – as an ... [Read More]

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- (CNN) Adding about a third of a cup of fruit or vegetables to your daily diet could cut your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 25%, while higher consumptions of whole grains such as brown bread and oatmeal could cut the risk by 29%, according to two new studies published Wednesday in the journal BMJ. The studies add to the growing database of literature that shows a healthier diet of whole grains, fruits and veggies -- along with regular physical activity, no smoking and maintaining a healthy weight -- can significantly impact your risk of developing the deadly disease. Diabetes was the ... [Read More]


- emergency funds to cover three months of expenses. Women's Health may earn commission from the links on this page, but we only feature products we believe in. This At-Home Back Workout Can Improve Your Posture With A Single Dumbbell Been hunching over your phone a lot? I got you. News flash: You don't have to bang out tons of (or be able to do a single pullup for that matter) or hit up complicated gym machines to build a stronger back. Actually, with a good at-home back workout, you can tone up those muscles and without much equipment at all. If you spend a lot of time hunched over your ... [Read More]

- regular yoga practices Apart from the many physical benefits you receive you can also experience a true inner peace when you combine Boulder Colorado yoga classes with Chakra healing. The Seven Chakras When these seven Chakras are blocked it can cause you a lot of mental and emotional anguish. To find out if they are blocked visit here: To help you achieve healing and balance throughout your body we’ve compiled 6 different ways you can heal and unblock them. Combine these 6 ways with your yoga classes and you’ll feel rejuvenated ... [Read More]

- Senior Writer, Growth Quarters — Yessi leads the writing efforts at TNW’s Growth Quarters. Yessi leads the writing efforts at TNW’s Growth Quarters. It’s time for your morning coffee break, and you find yourself stretching your stiff neck almost by routine — but let’s face it: you’re probably doing it wrong.  Working from home or not having the right work setup in the office can wreak havoc on your physical health, causing a lot of stiffness and pain. With this in mind, here are three easy neck stretches that I’ve found helpful — just do them at your desk and they’ll ... [Read More]